A love of the outdoors converging with a passion for problem solving and product development resulted in nCamp. We believe that camping gear should never be a burden, only a tool that places an emphasis on experiencing the outdoors.

Years ago Dan Cuffaro, an industrial designer and professor, began an exercise as an example for Design Students at the Cleveland Institute of Art. His goal was to identify a problem based on personal experience, observation and inquiry, then to explore solutions, prototype and test. He chose to focus on backpacking and campsite cooking. Some issues that he identified were: cooking while camping often involves carrying bulky hardware and fuel, the struggling to keep utensils clean and the ever-present chance of running out of fuel.

Dan became interested in using wood from the forest as fuel, because it is readily available and the supply is nearly endless. Existing wood-burning camp stoves are bulky because of the nature of a combustion chamber, so he explored ways to reduce bulk, experimented with a collapsible chamber. After a series of prototypes, and lots of testing, he developed and patented a compact wood-burning stove and nCamp was born.

Dan connected with John Cunningham, who’s business savvy would move the Stove from a concept to production. It seemed natural that the principles of the Stove could be applied to other camping gear and soon nCamp had a line of products that seamlessly work together or can be used on their own. Each product is focused on being compact, elevating the camping experience and reducing weight.

Dan, John & the nCamp Team are always in search of new ways to make camping gear more compact, elevate your experience and lighten your load. To further show our commitment to the natural world, nCamp will return 1% of its profits to organizations that support getting people outdoors, preserving and restoring the natural world, and promoting conservation-related programs.


pack small / adventure BIG!