Video - nCamp's Wood Burning Camping Stove - This Stove is Small, but It's Heat is Mighty!

Camping Stoves – What do You Look For?

Camping stoves should be compact, durable, affordable and have a mighty burn. The nCamp Wood Burning Stove is all of those things and more.

This video illustrates how easy it is to set up your nCamp Wood Burning Camping Stove. Just unfold the legs, expand the combustion chamber, add a handful of twigs and light. Soon you will have a fire hot enough to cook, boil water or roast marshmallows.

The nCamp Stove is perfect for backpacking, hiking or a day trip to the beach. The Stove is part of nCamp’s Kitchen to Go concept. Enabling the user to pack small/adventure BIG!

Cooking a delicious meal while on the trail has never been easier. This allows you to forget the heavy fuel and rely on natural resources readily available in the forest. Easy to just pick up and go at a moments notice.