nCamp will be at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show in Denver, CO January 30th thru February 1st. We’d love to show you our new product line! Come visit our booth 53131 – UL

Our new products include:

Generation 2 Stove (Compact wood burning stove that also can use liquid and solid fuel (hexamine). Packs flat, but has a stable footprint when in use. The top surface provides a place to set utensils. Made of aluminum and stainless steel)

Insulated Cups (Pack of four 6oz (177mL) insulated stainless steel cups. Includes a durable nylon drawstring bag)

Insulated Water Bottle (24oz (.71L) insulated water bottle. Has a wide mouth and captive screw cap. Vessel is made of stainless steel)

Carrying Case (Durable carrying case that fits the nCamp Stove, Prep Surface and accessories or utensils. Includes straps to attach the nCamp Café) and more…

For more information, visit the OR Snow Show Website – click here

Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2019 - Promotional Post