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Compact Lighting Sticks

Compact Lighting Sticks


The nCamp compact Lighting Sticks are custom designed for quick starting. Each box contains 12 compact weatherproof sticks that work with the nCamp Stove or for lighting a campfire. Each stick burns for about 10 minutes. The box is designed to nest within the frame of the nCamp Stove for convenient storage during travel.

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Compact Lighting Sticks Dimensions:

H: .47″ (1.19 cm)     L: 3.15″ (8 cm)     W: 2.36” (6 cm) (width of sleeve)

Weight: 3.35 oz (.10 kg)

Additional information

Weight1 oz

1 review for Compact Lighting Sticks

  1. KaylaRain

    Quick and easy fire starter
    Have you ever used a fire log to get a fire started? These work exactly the same way, but are a much smaller version. You light the stick and it lights your wood. I found it works best to light the fire starters with a stick lighter vs. a lighter or match, because you need to keep the flame on it for a couple seconds for it to ignite… If you had much wind it could be a bit tricky otherwise. But once lit, it gets the fire going right away. There are 12 lighting sticks in a box, so for me, the small investment is worth the hassle it saves. I will definitely buy these again!

    (Amazon Customer)

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