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Espresso-Style Café – Coffee Maker

Espresso-Style Café – Coffee Maker


The nCamp Espresso-Style Café – Camp Coffee Maker is a compact and makes rich and delicious coffee. The Café works like a classic Italian Moka Pot, however, it is designed for camping. It is about the size of a water bottle, has folding handles and a nesting cup, making it compact and easy to pack. The 13 oz. (.38 L) cup has a silicone wrap for grip and insulation. The Cafe’ is designed to work seamlessly with the nCamp Stove, but also works with many other camping stoves.

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Espresso-Style Café – Coffee Maker Dimensions:

H: 9.4” (24 cm)      W: 3.4” (8.6 cm)      L: 3.4” (8.6 cm)

Weight: 1.4 lbs (.65 kg)

Additional information

Weight 3 oz

16 reviews for Espresso-Style Café – Coffee Maker

  1. Chet K.

    I Like a Good Hot Cup of Coffee!
    I bought this as an add on when I purchased the nCamp stove. I’m a scuba diver and I occasionally dive at quarries. I like a good hot cup of coffee when I get out of the water. I tried this and it makes good coffee. It works like a regular stove top coffee maker. Coffee was good and I like the streamlined design. Only reason I didn’t give it a 5 is that it took about 10 minutes to brew on the camp stove.

    (Amazon Customer)

  2. John

    This was the Perfect Addition on Our Most Recent Family Camping Trip
    This was the perfect addition on our most recent family camping trip. While the price point initially attracted us to this coffee maker, we were very pleased the first morning we used it. It was easy to set up, brewed in no time, and was a better cup of coffee than we brew at home! Very happy with this and look forward to my next cup!

  3. Karissa S.

    Your Personal Trail Café
    Espresso-style coffee on the go. Bought this coffee maker in conjunction with nCamp’s wood burning stove. To my surprise, it fit easily on the outside of my smallest hiking backpack. I was able to hike to a lake with friends and brew coffee while we watched the sunrise, which was super cool. The coffee tastes great and heats up fast on the stove, Would definitely recommend.

    (Amazon Customer)

  4. Tommy D.

    Makes a Mean Cup of Joe
    Makes a mean cup of coffee, which is especially appreciated on cold mornings in the back country. I love how the cup nests on top making it easier to pack anywhere.

    (Amazon Customer)

  5. M. B.

    Works Well!
    Fascinating how easily, even while camping, we can become civilized with a simple cappuccino or espresso… this relatively inexpensive stainless steel moka pot worked well for me on a recent two-week excursion… no, it is not the best, most precise moka pot out there. The handles are a little flimsy and the lid, difficult to open without a handle, does not fit perfectly… however, it performed very well and delivered excellent espresso! The silicone wrapping the stainless mug had a peculiar smell… a minor point since I used a different double-walled stainless mug and subjected my daughter to the mug that comes with this pot. Not perfect, but still worth the cost!

    (Amazon Customer)

  6. Michael H.

    Over Time it Has Become my Favorite Thing to Bring on Trips
    Was tricky at first to figure out how to use but over time it has become my favorite thing to bring on trips! I often chase early sunrise for photos and with this coffee maker it allows me to go and adventure while with my freshly brewed cup!

    (Amazon Customer)

  7. Brian

    Gourmet Coffee at Camp!
    This thing makes some good coffee! The mug is awesome, and it’s cool that it stacks with the cafe for easy carrying.

    (Amazon Customer)

  8. Sami + Nathan N.

    New Favorite Portable Coffee Maker!
    We like strong coffee mixed with condensed milk on the road and LOVED this product – nothing beats a fresh, hot cup of coffee when we camp out of our car or end a long hike. I bought this coffee maker with nCamp’s stove and prep board, which I also love. Such a good traveling cooking set! Highly recommend.

    (Amazon Customer)

  9. Kayotee

    Now my Primary Coffee Maker!
    I’ve always been looking for better options for camp coffee, and until now had settled on the aeropress, but the amount of steps and pieces involved in the process always made for some frustration if I didn’t have some sort of table to spread everything out on. When I discovered the nCamp moka pot, I had only vaguely heard of moka pots and wasn’t sure exactly how they worked or how good of coffee they made. But the nCamp design had one thing that instantly made me want to try it out: its compact design with folding handles and nesting mug. Having something that’s compact and self contained is critical in my choice of things to keep in my camp chuck box.

    On to the item itself. The design of the item is rugged and rough with an unpolished steel finish, but everything seems well made. Another reviewer mentioned a smell from the rubber cup sleeve, but I didn’t find any odor. For having never used a moka pot before, it was a very simple process to learn and put it to work. My first two batches turned out poorly as I left it on the stove for too long and the coffee started to boil, but once I learned to remove it from the head immediately when done, it’s been fantastic. The coffee is very strong with very little sediment and makes even cheap grinds taste great. I had been using it as my daily coffee option for two week to get used to its operation, but now I think it’ll be difficult to go back to my pour overs.

    The handles are really close to the main body and are poorly insulated. This makes it slightly difficult to get an ideal pouring angle, and you feel the heat radiate through. I haven’t felt like it’s uncomfortably hot yet, but I can see how it might be if you don’t position it on your heat source perfectly. Also, the thumb lever on the top lid is very short and not insulated. It’s tricky to get it to lift, and while you’re fiddling with it it’s burning your thumb. Turns out though that despite how much I want to see inside the pot while it’s brewing, there’s really no reason to and the solution to this problem is just leave it be. Lastly, the steel mug can get HOT with the coffee inside. The sleeve insulates it well, but the bottom is still extremely hot, and the lip that you sip out of can be a bit uncomfortable first thing. I see this as a trade off though for durability if you’re trekking with it. Inside the house though, the mug will be my last choice to drink out of.

    All in all, a great coffee maker for anybody looking for a compact, durable, and tasty option for camp coffee, or even as a primary in home coffee maker. I don’t own the associated wood burning stove by nCamp so I can’t speak to how it works with that.

    (Amazon Customer)

  10. Herbert R.

    Excellent Coffee
    Makes excellent coffee either at home or camping. A handle on the cup would be nicer than the insulated wrap, it could fold like the handle on coffee maker.

    (Amazon Customer)

  11. HumorousSmile

    Exactly as Described!
    This is such a fantastic, portable coffee maker. It is as compact as described (weight and size), and makes coffee effortlessly, which is so important to me when out camping. I use it with my own collapsible stove (not the nCamp stove), and there were no issues as I expected. I really, really love the nested cup – it pretty much sealed the deal. The only real concern I have is that the handles feel flimsy and I worry how long they’ll last in the long haul, but I hope that with regular care and attention I shouldn’t have any issues.

    (Amazon Customer)

  12. David

    Works Great!
    I’ve had this about a month and love the coffee it makes. It’s a bit on the heavy for packing but would be fine for car camping.

    (Amazon Customer)

  13. Leah G.

    So Small it Tucks into Anywhere
    We use this for camping and absolutely is compact and works great.

    (Amazon Customer)

  14. Kenton M.

    Fast, Easy, Delicious
    Makes a great tasting espresso style coffee!

    (Amazon Customer)

  15. Arden

    This was so compact! I loved how east it was to throw into my backpack and take it with me. It was also an easy clean up which is always a plus when in bear country. I enjoyed my coffee and it was very needed as we received an unexpected snow.

    (Amazon Customer)

  16. KaylaRain

    Looks Great and Keeps the Grinds Out!
    This coffee maker looks great and is unlike any other camping coffee maker I have tried. It is similar to a percolator where the heat boils the water up through the grinds and is then filtered into the top chamber. It takes a bit of time for the water to get hot enough, but it works like a charm! It has almost a tea kettle like whistling noise when it’s ready, so there’s no question when the coffee is done. Best part about it? No grinds in my coffee, they are filtered out! The coffee cup is built right in (as the lid when it’s stored), so you don’t have to worry about remembering to pack a cup. I highly recommend this product!

    (Amazon Customer)

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