Kitchen to Go – BASIC

Kitchen to Go – BASIC


The nCamp Kitchen to Go – BASIC includes the nCamp Gen2 Stove & Prep Surface. The compact wood burning Stove lets you cook real meals without the fear of running out of fuel. The Gen2 Stove has an updated top plate with higher cast offs for more airflow and less smoke and the bottom plate has been updated from aluminum to stainless steel that can withstand higher temperatures. The Prep Surface is a cutting/work surface that helps you prepare and enjoy a meal. The nCamp Stove & Prep Surface were designed to nest together.

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nCamp Stove

nCamp has designed a camping stove that uses a fuel source readily available in forests. By relying on sticks and twigs that cover the forest floor mean that you have one less thing to carry. While wood burning camping stoves exist, they are usually bulky because of the nature of an effective combustion chamber. By making a collapsible combustion chamber, nCamp created a compact and effective system that uses both wood/biomass and solid/liquid fuels.

nCamp Prep Surface

The nCamp Prep Surface is a compact, lightweight and elevated work surface that gives you a clean place to prepare and enjoy a meal. It nests with the nCamp Stove adding about .3in (.64cm) to the overall thickness, while providing you with almost ( of horizontal work surface. The carrying bag allows you to nest and pack the Prep Surface and Stove. The bamboo top is a great cutting surface and is naturally anti-microbial. It is lightly coated with a vegetable oil finish and is easy to clean.

  • The Stove and Prep Surface bundle is compact and has a stable footprint
  • The Prep Surface has a useful work surface for prepping and cutting your ingredients
  • The Stove’s top plate keeps cookware stable and retains heat
  • The Stove uses twigs for fuel, but can use other sources
  • The Stove and Prep Surface are easy to set up because of their fold-out legs and collapsible design
  • The Stove’s combustion chamber creates a Venturi effect for better/faster heating
  • The combustion chamber possesses vent holes that shed ash and allow airflow
  • The Stove is made of stainless-steel and aluminum
  • Because of the bamboo top surface, the Prep Surface is naturally anti-microbial
  • nCamp designed the stove to nest with the Prep Surface

4 reviews for Kitchen to Go – BASIC

  1. Arden

    SUPER Lightweight
    I loved how easy it was to pack and how lightweight it was. I spent a week in the Canadian Rockies camping, and I had to fly out there so the less weight and room everything took up the better it was. I was super pleased with the use of it as well. We did receive an unexpected snow, so it was difficult to find tinder at some points, but I placed a fuel block in there and it cooked my scrambled eggs.

    (Amazon Customer)

  2. KaylaRain

    Compact and Lightweight Cooking in the Outdoors
    Both of these items are built well, are light weight, and fold down incredibly thin. After receiving the products I felt the price for the two combined was a steal!
    The prep station has a bamboo top that works great as a cutting board or just a small table area for your workstation. I found it works great to keep my coffee, cream and sugar off out of the dirt when making my morning coffee!
    The stove requires small pieces of tinder and if the wood is wet it won’t burn. It works well, by allowing just enough air in for the fire without letting the heat escape. It can take a while to get the stove up to a high temperature, but it is very easy to use. It pairs really well with the nCamp coffee maker, but can be used with a small pot for heating food as well. I love that it’s an alternative to a gas camp stove!
    I’ve added both items to our vintage teardrop trailer, and use them every time we’re out camping! I highly recommend this combination!

    (Amazon Customer)

  3. Dave

    Very Compact and Very Sturdy
    I like this unit size it’s very compact but super sturdy. I used a 12 inch cast-iron no problem.

    (Amazon Customer)

  4. Haley

    Calling All Outdoor Gourmet Chefs!
    Only ever received, from Amazon anyway, The Cutting Board from the bundle. But I was able to get a hold of nCamp directly and they sent me the other half. It turned out the first person I spoke to was the owner and founder or something… I don’t think I’ve ever been made to feel more valued as a customer. They even said if the one from Amazon ever did arrive separately to just give the extra to someone else to spread the word about their product. Though I never did get a second one, and by now I don’t expect to, I seriously considered actually buying a second one and sending it to someone with a huge blog page following just to get out how awesome this product is. It has a very stable surface and it holds the cooking fire above the ground so you don’t Scorch the Earth the edges might be a little Sharp, but because I got the bundle I also have the bag to put it in. I like that this still comes complete with work area and optional extra work area!

    (Amazon Customer)

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